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Sustainable Consumption, Production and Supply Chain Management

Advancing Sustainable Economic Systems

Sustainable Consumption, Production and Supply Chain Management - Front CoverIntroduction

The COVID19 crisis of 2020 has brought a rethink of our current practices once again to the fore. To what extent is our current way of consuming, producing and moving stuff about actually sensible and do we perhaps need to rethink all this and the way we do business, as well as the kind of businesses we run? This book argues that in order to engage properly with sustainability, the sustainable business literature has to engage with the science behind it and therefore with the relevant scientific literature, but also that the very essence of ecological thinking should be internalized in business in order to facilitate a genuine, deep understanding of the place of business within natural systems. For this it is essential for business disciplines to engage, at least at some level, with ecological thinking in order to play their role in any transition to a more sustainable economic system and help create the alternative business models this requires.

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