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Sustainable Automobility

Understanding the Car as a Natural System

The Global Automotive Industry

Edited by Paul Nieuwenhuis and Peter Wells

The Global Automotive Industry is positioned as a standard work on the car sector, a first port of call for any academic, official or consultant wanting an overview of the state of the industry in this second decade of the 21st century. In it an international team of specialist multi-disciplinary researchers, both from academia and business, review and analyse the key issues that make vehicle manufacturing still the world’s premier manufacturing sector, closely tied in with the fortunes of both established and newly emerging economies.

In doing so, it covers issues related to manufacturing – both established practices as well as new developments – issues relating to distribution, marketing and retail, vehicle technologies and regulatory trends, environmental and safety issues; and, crucially, it covers a review of labour practices and the people who build cars. In all this it explains both how the current situation arose and also assesses likely future trajectories both in terms of social and regulatory trends, as well as the technological, marketing and labour practice responses to those, leading in many cases to the development of new business models.

The authors include engineers, psychologists, economists, geographers, experts in human resource management, retail and marketing, and several other disciplines and specialisms, providing a comprehensive overview of the automotive sector from several different perspectives. In addition to providing this state of the art account, some of the latest research on the industry is also presented in this volume, further adding to its value.

Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd., September 2015

ISBN: 978-1-118-80239-7

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The Global Automotive Industry

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